Bobi Wine Returns to Uganda, Defiant Against Police Attempts to Control Movement

After completing his visit to the United States to receive medical care for injuries suffered during torture by state security agents, Ugandan parliamentarian Robert Kyagulanyi today departed to return to Kampala where he is expected to be greeted by his many supporters.

However, before he was even able to land, the Ugandan police have already attempted to impose unlawful restrictions on his movement. According to media reports, police chief Emilian Kayima and others have appeared on television making claims that they would only allow Bobi Wine’s immediate family to greet him at Entebbe airport, and that they would be providing a police escort from the airport to his home.

Bobi has completely rejected this illegal attempt by the police to control his movement, publishing statements to his social media account that he fully intends to greet whomever he chooses at the airport, and that as a free Ugandan he will not be restricted in any way by these unlawful threats.