Ugandan Government Proposes Regulation of the Arts

The Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development this week proposed regulations on the arts in what’s rapidly become an apparent attempt to formally codify President Museveni’s attempts to silence musician-turned-parliamentarian Bobi Wine.

Recently, government published a set of regulations targeting artists and the music industry. The proposed regulation requires artists to register with the Gender Ministry, submit their works for approval and documentation, secure a valid practicing certificate for performance and stay clear of illegal drugs.

The proposed regulation will also require artists to sign a code of ethics, ensure decency, proper hygiene and restricts their performances at different venues on the same day among others.

The proposed regulation has sparked outrage from artists, saying it is meant to kill talent. Others believe it is targeting the People Power leader, Bobi Wine whose concerts have recently been blocked.

However, Peace Mutuuzo, the Gender State Minister, says the regulations don’t target any specific artist, arguing that the regulations are meant to streamline the industry and protect local artists.

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