Bobi Wine reaches out to those most in need

This week, Bobi Wine provided an update on boda boda food deliveries to families in need across Uganda.

“Our boda boda food deliveries have continued to some very needy people across the country. This past week, our target was on selected Muslim families in Kyadondo East Constituency and other places. As they fast and pray for all of us, it is important that we share the little we have with them. I encourage all of you who have some ability to identify at least one family and share with them something before the fasting period ends,” he said.

He added, “Once again, I am grateful to all Ugandans home and abroad who have supported our efforts to reach out. With your support and our own resources, we have so far reached more than 15,000 people since the lockdown started. Aside from donating some items through the National Taskforce, we have been reaching out especially to PWDs, widows, the elderly, and families of our fallen soldiers. We have also extended support to some of the Makerere and Kyambogo University students who stayed in hostels, some artistes, widows as well as some very needy people who belong in the informal sector. I commend our coordinators countrywide who have continued to ensure that we share the little we have with those in extreme need.”

Bobi Wine further announced via facebook that in a few days, his team will announce other efforts that they are embarking on in this regard.

He concluded with a call to action: “Of course, we continue to demand that the government reaches out to all Ugandans with food relief! Despite passing a very huge supplementary budget and receiving huge amounts of money and items in donations, very few people have been reached with this support and this is of great concern to everyone.”