Bobi Wine’s Family Fears for His Life

Following Bobi Wine’s “re-arrest” at the airport as he was prevented from traveling for medical treatment, his international lawyer Robert Amsterdam speaks to the BBC regarding his condition.

“[He] was re-arrested at the airport, even though the judge had let him have his passport because he needed to leave the country for medical reasons,” Robert Amsterdam told the BBC’s Newsday programme.

“He was violently thrown into a police ambulance. The lawyers have no idea where he is being taken and we’re all really in shock,” he added.

A police spokesman said on Twitter that Bobi Wine was being given a medical examination because of the allegations of torture.

They also said that another opposition MP, Francis Zaake, who was also trying to go abroad for treatment, had been “trying to flee the country and accordingly apprehended him.” (…)

His aides say he was re-arrested at Uganda’s main international airport where he was planning to board a plane to Washington to seek further medical treatment.

“He’s in tremendous pain and suffered very serious injuries,” Mr Amsterdam said of the star’s condition. “There’s not a part of his body that isn’t in pain.”

“His children were going to stay in Uganda. It was a brief trip, simply for a medical evaluation,” he said.

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